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… On the official website of the Martinist Order, a non-dogmatic movement with a spiritual aim, created by Papus (Doctor Gérard Encausse) in 1887. The Order is independent of any other order or initiatory organisation, church, political party or philosophical association.

The goals set by the Order since its creation :

  • The awakening and transformation of man, by means of a spirituality derived from the primordial Tradition, as transmitted to us by Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin and Papus, in forms adapted to our modern world.
  • A practical application, on the basis of ethical and humanistic principles, opening to the “Heart Way”.

The means implemented:

  • Initiation, accompanied by the study of the symbolism specific to Martinism but also the so-called traditional symbolism.
  • Participation in ritual meetings within Groups and in the activities of the Order.
  • Esotericism (mainly in the Christian tradition) and the philosophy of Nature, the source of the thought of Louis Claude de Saint-Martin.

Who can become a Martinist?

Any man or woman of full age, of good will, animated by the sincere desire to evolve spiritually and to work for a better world, within the limits of his or her means.

It is not a question of making the spiritual plane a world apart, distinct from the rest of the personality (individuality), but of collaborating in its development towards a more complete, full and complete humanity, so that the visible and invisible parts of the human being, body and psyche, are in harmony with the spirit. In other words, the Martinist Order is open to the individual who seeks a better existential quality, a meaning, an art of living in peace with himself and with his fellow human beings.

“I have God, I have a soul, I need nothing more…”

My historical and philosophical portrait, Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin